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Weekday Pittsburgh Commuter Service


Commute to Pittsburgh from Cranberry Township and Warrendale. 


Purchase of tickets/passes MUST be ordered in advance.  Drivers are not permitted to accept cash.


To Buy Online:


Service has resumed with a new purchasing system.  Click the link below to access the Coach USA commuter service website.

Under the Start Search for origin enter in Warrendale or Cranberry to locate tickets for Warrendale Park-N-Ride or Cranberry Baierl Ice Complex. When you click on destination the three stops in Pittsburgh will appear.  Our tickets are valid at ANY of the three stops!! 


Click the Blue Box that says search schedules or tickets - it will direct you to the route map.  Click on see schedule to choose your date, scroll to the bottom to select purchase tickets. 


Purchase through by clicking here.







Operates:  All Weekdays EXCEPT for posted Holidays


Schedules:  INBOUND to Pittsburgh  / OUTBOUND from Pittsburgh


Useful links:  Parking Information




About Buy Online:  When you buy on-line, your credit card will be charged immediately and you will receive an email Invoice/receipt.  Your tickets will then be mailed or available for pickup per the delivery option selected.



Terms and Conditions:

We reserve the right to make changes in any schedule as we deem necessary. Lenzner Coach Lines is not responsible to any person for expense, loss of time or money or other circumstance resulting from a change in schedule. Any person may be dismissed from any vehicle at any time by the Driver in charge should his or her conduct not be in harmony with the rest of the passengers; no further obligation will be assumed by Lenzner Coach Lines or anyone in their employ. Rates are subject to change due to increases in escalated fuel or operation charges. Our commuter buses can accommodate standees and passengers are not guaranteed a seat.