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Coach USA Tours Policy


Tour Bookings/Payments:


Multi-Day Tours, Overnight Casino Tours, Air Tours and Cruises:


A booking cannot be made without the required deposit listed on the tour description.  The balance is due no later than the date listed on the tour description.  If the balance payment is not received in a timely manner, it will result in cancellation of your booking.  An email receipt will be electronically delivered after booking/payment; canceled checks and credit card statements will serve as a payment receipt.  A charge of $35.00 will be assessed for a Non-Sufficient Funds check.


One-Day Tours and One Day Casino Tours:


Payment in full is required for a reservation.



Tour Cancellation and Refund Policy:


Written notice of cancellation is required before refunds will be issued.

Refunds will be returned by the same method as original payment.


Multi-Day Tours, Overnight Casino Tours:


Up to 45 days prior to departure - Full refund less any non-refundable charges (i.e. theater tickets, hotel rooms, service fees, etc.) unless notification of difference is noted on tour description.  NO REFUND after final balance due date.


One-Day Tours, One Day Casino Tours:


30 days prior to departure - Full refund less any non-refundable charges (i.e. theater tickets, service fees, etc.) unless notification of difference is noted on the tour description.  NO REFUND after 29 days prior to departure.


Air Tours and Cruises:


Varies by package.  Refer to the tour description.




The cancelling passenger can provide a replacement person(s) for their tour reservation(s).  The office must be notified of the name of the replacement at the time of cancellation.  No one is permitted to board the coach whose name is not on the passenger manifest.


Transfers may not be possible on all tours.  Transfers under 30 days may result in charges due to contract commitments with the Coach USA Tours vendors.


Travel Protection:


We recommend that you purchase a travel protection plan to help protect you and your travel investment.  For your convenience, we offer travel protection plans through Travelex Insurance Services.  Travelex Insurance Services, Inc. CA Agency License #0D10209.  Travel Insurance is underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company; NAIC #22276. 9WV  Travel Insurance is optional.   To be eligible for the waiver of pre-existing medical condition exclusion, the protection plan must be purchased within 15 days from the time you make your initial trip deposit and for the prepaid non-refundable payments or deposits.  If purchased, the insurance premium is refundable during the 15-day review period, unless you have filed a claim or departed on your trip.  To view/download the policy, go to:


Important Notes


Departure Information


Multi-Day Tours:   A departure information packet, which includes invoice, itinerary, exact departure time for your pickup location, and hotel information, will be sent to passengers approximately thirty (30) days prior to departure.  In the case of late bookings, departure information will be sent once final payment has been received.  Baggage tags will be provided by Coach USA Tours.


Air Tours:  Documents will be sent approximately 2 weeks prior to departure.


Cruises:  Documents will be sent approximately 30 days prior to departure.


Note:  Coach USA Tours does not mail tickets for attractions, shows, etc. included on the tours.  The Tour Director/Escort will have them in his/her possession.



Boarding Locations and Times


The departure times listed on the tour description are tentative and subject to change.  The pickup location and departure times on the final itinerary will be correct.


Changing pickup locations must be done no less than 72 hours prior to departure.  Once the itinerary is finalized, the motorcoach may not necessarily be stopping at all pickup locations.


Coach USA Tours recommends arrival at your pickup location at least 15 minutes prior to the departure time for one-day tours.  For multi-day tours and tours requiring a passport, please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure.




Seats are not reserved or assigned on the motorcoach.  Seats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis the first morning of the tour.  There may be a regular rotation of seats on tours of five days or more unless otherwise noted on the tour itinerary.  Tour passengers who are traveling alone or in a small group with an uneven number are always welcome on our tours.  However, due to the double seating on the coach, you may be asked to sit with another single so that we may accommodate all passengers traveling together.  The single traveler can occupy a double seat by purchasing the extra seat.  Small groups on the tours may not always be seated together.  The seat directly behind the driver will be utilized by the Tour Director/Escort.  Coach USA Tours does not reserve seats for motion sickness.  All passengers that are prone to motion sickness should consult their physician for medication to relieve the malady or try Sea-Bands from your local pharmacy.


Rooming Description


The double, triple and quad occupancy is based on one room with either two, three or four people occupying that one room.  The hotel configuration is generally two double beds.  With triple and quad occupancy, people will have to share a bed.  Depending on city fire codes, a cot or roll-away may not be available.  The price of the roll-away or cot is an additional price and can be obtained upon request.




The price of the tour includes one suitcase (weighing no more than 50 pounds and no larger than 30 in. X 20 in. X 13 in.) per person.  Extra bags must be paid for at the rate of $5.00 per bag/per day with prior office approval.  You may also bring a carry-on (18 in. X 10 in. X 10 in.) which you are responsible for handling at all times.  When packing bags for an overnight tour, please do NOT place valuable, including jewelry, cameras, car keys, prescription medicines, etc., in any suitcase that will not be directly in your care.  While every effort is made to safeguard your belonging, frequently the bags are out of our control when being loaded, unloaded, or transported to a hotel room.  Coach USA Tours cannot accept responsibility for baggage which may be mishandled (damaged) or which you choose to leave in the motorcoach overnight.  Carrying important or valuable items separately insures that your trip will not be spoiled by the accidental loss of a bag.


When ending your tour, please be sure that you remove all your items before departing the motorcoach.  Coach USA Tours will not accept responsibility for returning or locating lost items.


Tips and Gratuities


All taxes and gratuities for included meals and activities are included, unless otherwise mentioned by the Tour Director/Escort.  Driver and Tour Director/Escort gratuities are not included in the price of the tour, and are optional.  The recommended gratuity for "a job well done" is a minimum of $3.00-$4.00 per day for the Driver and $3.00-$4.00 per day for the Tour Director/Escort.  Passenger appreciation may be expressed on an individual basis, guided by the quality of the service received.


Special Needs


To meet special requirements of passengers with disabilities or special dietary requirements, Coach USA Tours requires notification at the time of booking.  The Driver and Tour Director/Escort are not to act as a travel attendant for passengers that need special assistance.  A 48-hour notice is required for wheelchair accessible vehicles.  Coach USA Tours is not responsible for the accessibility of the facilities used on the tours.


Walking Codes


1 - This tour involves minimal physical activity.  It requires climbing of some stairs, boarding the motorcoach, and walking from a parking lot area to the attraction.


2 - This tour requires that you can climb stairs and walk reasonable distances, possibly over uneven ground and walking surfaces.


3 - This tour includes moderate physical activity.  The itinerary blends some longer days with shorter days and more leisure time.  Walking tours, as well as walking slightly longer distances, climbing stairs or walking over uneven terrain should be expected.


4 - This tour requires a heavy amount of walking.  To truly experience the program and destination, you need to be able to participate in physical activities such as long walking tours, walking over uneven terrain, climbing stairs and periods of standing.  Some of the touring days may be longer, with select included activities occurring later in the evening.




*Any individual without valid ID risks having the entire motorcoach upon which he/she is traveling and all its occupants denied entrance to Canada or re-entrance into the USA.


*All passengers traveling to CANADA are REQUIRED to carry valid proof of citizenship consisting of a valid passport.


*A passport will be required for all AIR and SEA travel to or from Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Bermuda.


*Adults traveling in or out of the U.S. with children under the age of 18 should be aware of the following: because of increasing incidents of child abductions in disputed custody cases and as possible victims of child pornography, Customs and Border Protection strongly recommends that unless the child is accompanied by both parents, the adult have a notarized note from the child's other parent (or, in the case of a child traveling with grandparents, uncles or aunts, sisters or brothers, or friends, a note signed by both parents) stating "I acknowledge that my wife/husband/etc. is traveling out of the country with my son/daughter.  He/She/They has my permission to do so."


*A valid passport is currently required for all tours to Europe.


*For non-citizens, it is the passenger's responsibility prior to the trips's departure to have the proper documentation and approval permitting entry into Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and re-entry into the USA.


*Coach USA Tours reserves the right to disembark any individual without a valid ID at any time with no cost reimbursement.


*Coach USA Tours reserves the right to deny boarding to all passengers who do not have proper documentation.  Improper documentation will result in loss of total purchase price of the tour.


*Government-issued photo I.D. is required on all air tours within the United States.  A passport is required on all air tours with an international destination.


*For information on obtaining a passport/passport card contact the National Passport Information center at 1-877-487-2778 or online at




A player's card and/or photo ID is required to receive a casino bonus.  Casino bonuses are regulated by the casino and are subject to change without notice.  Holiday arrivals may not qualify for the casino bonus.  Passengers must have a valid government ID to claim casino bonus.


For casino entry in the United States, passengers must be 21 years of age with a photo ID.  For Canadian casino entry, passengers must be 19 years of age with a photo ID.  Passengers between the ages of 19-21 will need two picture IDs.  For Canadian casino trips, passengers must have a valid passport or enhanced driver's license (Michigan residents).  Any traveler with a felony conviction can be denied entrance into Canada.


Upon arrival at the casino, passengers must not leave anything on the motorcoach.


Passengers must be back on the motorcoach at the scheduled casino departure times.



Frequently Asked Questions


Are children allowed to travel on a Coach USA Tour?


Due to the nature of our tours, Coach USA Tours requires that passengers be at least eight years of age unless the tour description specifically states the ages that are permitted on the tour.


What dress/clothing should be worn/packed?


Casual and comfortable attire is acceptable.  We suggest you include comfortable walking shoes, a sweater or jacket, and rain protective items.  If any additional attire is needed on a tour (i.e. formal wear), it will be listed on your travel itinerary.


Is smoking/drinking allowed on the motorcoach?


To ensure passenger comfort, there will be no smoking (including e-cigarettes) or alcohol consumption on board the motorcoach for a Coach USA Tour.  Ample comfort stops are made for smoking and restroom convenience.  Coach USA Tours reserves the right to refuse boarding under such circumstances that these policies are not followed.


Are the motorcoaches equipped with electrical outlets and WiFi?


All our fleet motorcoaches are equipped with WiFi, but not all motorcoaches have electrical outlets.  There may not be an electrical outlet available at every seat.  We recommend additional personal power sources to be carried by passengers.


What does Coach USA Tours do in the event of inclement weather conditions?


The tours will go unless the roads to the destination have been closed.  Passengers will be notified by phone of the cancellation.


Does Coach USA limit the times the Driver can drive?


Yes, Coach USA restricts the driving time of the Driver.  In 2016, Coach USA installed electronic logs on all the motorcoaches.  This device tracks the Driver's driving time and is monitored by the U.S. government for compliance.  Because of this new regulation, some of the tours have been shortened to remain in legal times.  Two or more drivers may be required on a tour.  Coach USA Tours embraces these changes because they are for the safety of our passengers and employees.





Coach USA Tours acts only as an agent in arranging transportation, accommodations, or any optional sightseeing tours, cruises, etc. and as such are not responsible for any damages, loss, delay, injury, or accident due to weather, or any act of default of any company or person engaged in providing service included in our tours.  We reserve the right to cancel any tour or make changes in any itinerary as we deem necessary.  Coach USA Tours is not responsible to any person for expense, loss of time or money or other circumstance resulting from a change in itinerary or change of tour arrangements.  Any person may be dismissed from any tour at any time by the Tour Director/Escort or Driver in charge should his or her conduct not be in harmony with the rest of the passengers; no further obligation will be assumed by Coach USA Tours or anyone in their employ.  Rates are subject to change due to increases in hotel, airline, or escalated fuel or operation charges.  Written policies may change.  Please refer to website for the most current Coach USA Tours policies.